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A 3-year-old with a fearless palate!

Romeo Eats is a brand new series produced by Walk off the Earth & Golden Carrot. The series features Romeo, a 3-year-old with an insatiable appetite for all things delicious, nutritious, and suspicious!

Romeo Eats features young Romeo and his father Gianni as they embark on a journey to try healthy, interesting, and obscure foods! The series has a natural inclination to attract viewers of all ages. Parents will find enjoyment & value in watching the series with their children. The show's educational content leaves viewers shocked and astonished by young Romeo's adventurous pallet and openness to try all things divine!

"This is not your average food show!"

Each episode is completed with an original song produced by Walk off the Earth's team, which features the explored food in question. Jams like Caviar Super Star and Pomegranate Planet are sure to be family sing-along hits!

Romeo Dines

In addition to Romeo Eats is young Romeo's companion series, Rome Dines. The series follows Romeo as he critiques some of the finest, high-end, or just plain delicious eating establishments the world has to offer. In each 7-10 minute episode, Romeo's love of food inspires his audience to open their minds to new cuisine and new dining experiences!



Buon Appetito!

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